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  1. Oct 04,  · Inside the solo exhibition of Michael Rakowitz's work, entititled, "Backstroke of the West," at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.
  2. • Sinister Slaughter () Released by NuclearBlast Records. The cover artwork is a parody on the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band featuring serial killers and mass murderers instead of famous people. Recorded by Jeff Cline at the famous Universal Studios in Chicago.
  3. Macabre Cult figures in the Chicago metal scene for a number of years, Macabre is an odd little band, self-described "murder metallists" with a style that's actually pretty unique. They combine death metal, clean thrash, meaty metal riffs, and an odd penchant for nursery rhyme sing-song choruses, and their musicianship (at least on the recent.
  4. What Dust Will Rise? recreates selections from the State Library of Hesse-Kassel that were destroyed in a fire in the Fridericianum—which has served as one of the main venues for the Documenta exhibitions since , and is where my project was sited—during a bombing by the British Royal Air Force on September 9, With the help of stone carvers from Afghanistan and Italy, I remade.
  5. Compiling two releases SINISTER SLAUGHTER () and BEHIND THE WALL OF SLEEP EP () from American (Downers Grove, IL) Death Metal band Macabre on one CD issued in by Nuclear Blast. Track listing is 1. Night Stalker (Richard Ramirez) 2. The Ted Bundy Song (Ted Bundy) 3. Sniper in the Sky (Charles Whitman) /5(12).
  6. Yet, they assert that history cannot be completely remade. They stand as tragic effigies of treasures forever gone, similar to Rakowitz’s reconstruction of the Ishtar Gate that stands at the.
  7. Scoop or rake food products in bulk. Compliant with NSF or FDA standards for use with food, these forks are often used to empty large containers in food-processing facilities. All are autoclavable and resist corrosion from frequent washdowns with harsh cleaners.. Pulling forks have downward-bent tines for raking and dragging. Forks with a T-handle are shaped for comfort during prolonged use.
  8. Installed in the entrance of the exhibition space at the Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, May the Arrogant Not Prevail is a scaled-down reconstruction of the reconstruction of the Ishtar Gate still standing in Iraq. Built by a Berlin-based team of assistants out of plywood and wooden beams, and clad with color-correct packaging of Arabic foodstuffs found in Berlin, the gate extends many of the.

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