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  1. Origins: The above-quoted e-mail warning about an “acid bomb” (i.e., a plastic bottle containing a combination of ingredients which expands and causes the bottle to rupture) left to explode on.
  2. has been a heavy mental roller coaster from hell with its up and downs. A demanding and strenuous year, but we rise above. We managed to release our second album (and a maxi), hung out and met our fourth member Motokaaos, participated in contexts we’ve never been before, recording new blunts for future projects and toured US midwest-east coast (although the whole band didn’t succeed.
  3. The most dangerous nuclear weapon that has an incredible destructive power basically used in War. Listen what Bombs Away sounds like.
  4. Nov 20,  · Guards N' Retards: Da bomb is the fifty episode of Season 6 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG This is also the seventh episode of the Guards N' Retards series and the first in the series to use the series' intro. It was aired on November 20,
  5. What happens when the button is pushed and the nuclear weapon being tested safely 10 miles away from you, doesn't explode? Barney Rubin was a nuclear weapon designer who was part of the arming.
  6. Victims of a Bombraid, EP av kängpunkbandet Anti Cimex, släpptes mars på Malign Massacre. Har släppts på nytt av bland annat Hardcore Horror Records och Distortion Records (då tillsammans med Raped ass).. Låtarna på albumet "Desperate Hours"Genre: Kängpunk.
  7. Apr 14,  · The GBUB Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb dropped on Thursday may be the most powerful conventional weapon ever used in combat. But the "mother of all bombs," as it .

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