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  1. () Forbína o tom, že Haz nejspíš nebude mít zvukové ukázky - přípodoteky Arco Diva má novou nahrávku - recenze Chopin: Andante spinato et Grande polonaise brillante op. 22, Balada in g minor op. 23, Nocturno No 2 in D flat major op. 27, Scherzo in b flat minor op. 31, Čtyři mazurky op. Mazurka in g, in C, in As, in a, Sonata in b minor op. 58 (Kasík) - ftipy.
  2. The first CD (CHAN) starts with actually the first Symphonic Poem, and the longest if you exclude Von der Wiege bis zum Grabe, S. , which was composed at the end of Liszt's life, Ce qu'on entend sur la montagne, S. Inspired by a poem of Victor Hugo counterposing nature and humanity, it's actually in five animated movements.
  3. Symphonic poem, musical composition for orchestra inspired by an extra-musical idea, story, or “program,” to which the title typically refers or alludes. The characteristic single-movement symphonic poem evolved from the concert-overture, an overture not attached to an opera or play yet s.
  4. Czech symphony orchestra. Established in autumn by conductor and musical organizer Rudolf Pekárek. He defined the ensemble’s fields of activity with the words “Film-Opera-Koncert”, which became part of the orchestra’s title as the abbreviation FOK.
  5. Joseph Suk's Praga was inspired by a poem by Svatopluk Cech that refers to the siege of Praga. The main theme of the piece is clearly derived from the Hussite war song "Ye Warriors of God.".

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