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  1. Low motor speed comes out to a lot less turns of the bearings, and therefor longer life. AC motors are cheaper than DC motors for slow speeds. Such synchronous motors are cheaply available as clock drives with reduction gearboxes attached. Reduction gearboxes on DC motors are custom products for niche markets and are very expensive.
  2. The Saab H engine is a redesign of the Saab B engine, which in turn was based on the Triumph Slant-4 engine.. Despite the name it is not an H engine or horizontally opposed engine, but a slanted inlineThe H engine was introduced in in the Saab and was also used in the Saab 99 from onwards. H stood for high compression, higher compression was part of the update from B to H engine.
  3. Electric Brushless DC Motor Complete Kit, 48V W RPM High Speed Motor, With 33A 15 Mosfet Controller, Battery Display LCD Throttle, Electric Scooter Bicycle Motorcycle Mid Drive Motor, DIY Part. out of 5 stars $ $ $ coupon .
  4. This B18 is a litres (1, cc) automobile Inline-four engine produced by Volvo from through The cam-in-block engine had overhead valves (OHV) operated by stonescarkagataursharphammer.xyzinfo crankshaft rode in five main bearings, making the B18 quite different in design from its predecessor, the three-bearing BA larger litres (1, cc) version called the B20 appeared in
  5. Vacuum Motor W (0,54 Hp) | V | 50 Hz; Vacuum Motor W (0,54 Hp) | V | 60 Hz; Vacuum Motor W (1,48 Hp) | V | 60 Hz; Vacuum Motor W (1,01 Hp) | V | 50 Hz; Vacuum Motor W (1,41 Hp) | V | 50 Hz; Vacuum Motor W (1,61 Hp) | V | 50 Hz; Vacuum Motor W (1,81 Hp) .
  6. A motor nerve is a nerve located in the central nervous system (CNS), usually the spinal cord, that sends motor signals from the CNS to the muscles of the body. This is different from the motor neuron, which includes a cell body and branching of dendrites, while the nerve is made up of a bundle of axons.
  7. Myydään BMW E46 M3 S54B32 Moottori varaosat ja tarvikkeet. Klikkaa tästä ilmoituksen kuvat ja lisätiedot. Nettivaraosa - BMW E46 M3 S54B32 Moottori - Motor racing - Nettivaraosa.
  8. The GY6 engine design is a four-stroke single-cylinder in a near horizontal orientation that is used on a number of small motorcycles or scooters made in Taiwan, China, and other southeast Asian countries. It is believed to have originally been a Honda design. At some stage Honda used Kymco, a Taiwanese company, as a factory for Honda bikes. It has since become a generic technology.

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