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  2. Oder-Neiße-Rad (Skater)-Weg -Zwischen Frankfurt(Oder) und Eisenhüttenstadt -Abschnitt Brieskow-Finkenheerd-Aurith (10 km) noch 2,5 Km bis Aurith mit Gaststätte und Freiterasse - Auch mit Rollen an den Bein - stonescarkagataursharphammer.xyzinfo 3, × 2,; MB.
  3. Oder (ō`dər), Czech and Pol. Odra, river, mi ( km) long; the second longest river of Poland. It rises in the E Sudetes, NE Czech Republic, and flows generally NW through SW Poland, then N along the Poland–Germany border to the Baltic Sea N of Szczecin, Poland. The Warta and the Lausitzer Neisse rivers are its chief tributaries.
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  5. noun a river in central Europe, flowing from the NE Czech Republic, N through SW Poland and along the border between Germany and Poland into the Baltic. miles ( km) long.
  6. English: The Oder or Odra River is a river in Central Europe. It begins in the Czech Republic and flows through western Poland, later forming the border between Poland and Germany, and ultimately flows into the Szczecin Lagoon north of Stettin (Szczecin) and then into the Baltic Sea.
  7. Oder A river of central Europe flowing about km ( mi) from the northeast Czech Republic through Poland and Germany to the Baltic Sea. It is a major waterway of Eastern Europe. THE AMERICAN HERITAGE® DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, FIFTH EDITION by the Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries.
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