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  1. While the effect of "Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid" is being applied, "Lightsworn" monsters in the hand, in the Graveyard, and that have been removed from play face-up cannot be targeted.[1] The effect of "Charge of the Light Brigade" does not target. Thus, you can activate "Charge of the Light Brigade" and add a "Lightsworn" monster from your Deck to your hand even if the effect of "Aurkus.
  2. The Dark Woods Circus is a series of multiple songs that was produced by Machigerita-P. It was originally mostly sung by Hatsune Miku, but with the release of the novel adaptation, the majority of the original canon was scrapped. The songs tell the story of a freak show called "Dark Woods Circus" and its performers who were taken in one by one.
  3. A Vril staff is an object in the shape of a wand or a staff which is used as a channel for Vril. The narrator describes it as hollow with 'stops', 'keys', or 'springs' in which Vril can be altered, modified or directed to either destroy or heal. I believe it was made out of Holly wood. second theabsolutetruth. posted on Jan, 9 @
  4. Fir is not a common wand wood because of its undesirable physical properties, but is occasionally seen in outdoorsy wands. Ginkgo. This is a highly unusual wand wood, and is rarely seen in the West. For over a millennium, it competed with plum as the most popular Chinese wand wood, however, as ginkgo trees ceased to be a wild species, the wood.
  5. WOODEN WAND Harem of the Sundrum & the Witness Figg (Soft Abuse) as Toth's recent solo album, Harem of the Sundrum & the Witness Figg, but the following track "Perch Modifier" moves us.
  6. Apr 23, - Caduseus symbol. According to esoteric Buddhism, the wand of the caduceus corresponds to the axis of the world and the serpents refer to the force called Kundalini, which, in Tantrist teaching, sleeps coiled up at the base of the backbone—a symbol of the evolutive power of pure energy.
  7. -Hokusai -The Great Wave off Shore at Kanagawa -Wood block print -example of unity and scale -Mt Fuji-Pieter Bruegel -Hunters in the Snow -Example of Rythm -Vienna, Austria -oil on panel-Artemisia Gentilischi -example of oil paint -Judith Decapitating Holofernes.
  8. Wooden Wand's first album as a solo artist (he regularly records and tours with The Vanishing Voice) is influenced in equal parts by legendary hedonists Fleetwood Mac and sad sack Judee Sill. The intention to create something timeless and ageless informs each note of the music, for better or worse.

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