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  1. The Tadpoles dashboard offers a live view of the activity in your center. With no refreshing necessary, the classroom counts, attendance, and parent communications update in real time. There are no software installations and no per-user licenses so owners and directors can check on things easily and securely while away from the center.
  2. Note: stonescarkagataursharphammer.xyzinfo is the pure python version of the app. TADpole_stonescarkagataursharphammer.xyzinfo contains the exe version of the same app. The EXE version will probably be better for users who don't want to/can't install python and the pycryptodomex lib.
  3. the larva of certain amphibians, as frogs and toads, having gills and a tail and living in water: as it matures, the gills usually are lost and legs develop 2. the free-swimming larval stage of tunicates, having gill slits and a notochord Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition.
  4. Jan 28,  · TADpole is a computational tool designed to identify and analyze the entire hierarchy of topologically associated domains (TADs) in intra-chromosomal interaction matrices. This is the stable version of TADpole. You can find the development version at stonescarkagataursharphammer.xyzinfo .
  5. tadpole larger, TL; body grayish with finely freckled pattern, perhaps caused by integumentary glands; prominent to faint (fades as tadpole grows but usually always visible) transverse golden band at mid-body; fins appear opaque white with intense black along entire margin (tail pattern persists in preservative); body somewhat depressed.
  6. Tadpole is the strongest and oldest of Tigerstar and Sasha's litter. His littermates are Hawk and Moth. Tadpole is often seen reassuring his siblings. Once, he promises to protect Moth when she worries about foxes, and he encourages Hawk to try again when he falls off a pile of logs they were climbing.
  7. Please provide any feedback to [email protected]! This app does require that your provider is using Tadpoles at their center or school and that your email address match what they have registered for you. Teachers can share photos, videos, notes and daily reports about your child's development. Tadpoles Parent app connects with those childcare providers using "Childcare by Tadpoles"/5().
  8. Tadpole pupil (also referred to as tadpole-shaped pupil) is a rare condition originally described by Thompson et al. in a series of patients who experienced brief, intermittent episodes of pupil dilation. The hallmark feature is that one segment of the iris is pulled to a peak, creating an irregular shaped pupil, resembling the shape of a tadpole.

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