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  1. Information sheet from the Emergency Sea Rescue Equipment Trade Federation (FSR) recommending lifespan timescales for inflatable and foam filled lifejackets and buoyancy aids. Inflatable lifejackets The service life of a lifejacket must be limited by the very fact that materials degrade. These statistics are recommended and supplied by all FSR members as there are also [ ].
  2. The short answer is no, not really. You won’t really find a life jacket with a hard expiration date stamped on the label. However, that doesn’t mean that life jackets don’t have a serviceable lifespan. As with anything, over time, life jackets will lose their usefulness, and you’ll need to choose a best life jacket. This is especially true for items like life jackets that we generally take for granted and toss in a locker .
  3. Life Jacket Maintenance. DO: Check your life jackets at the beginning of each boating season. Check that all hardware and straps are in good shape, are firmly attached, and are in working order. Check for leaks, mildew, lumpy or hardened buoyancy material, & oil saturation in the fabric. Make sure that there are no rips or tears in the fabric.
  4. Shop NRS for Life Jackets, Life Jacket Brands. The best selection of life jackets and PFDs built for kayaking, rafting, canoeing and SUP paddling adventures.

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