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  1. In The Shoeshine Boy, author Melvin Sterne has carefully crafted a story worthy of a reading in one sitting. The well-versed reader may pick up on the Steinbeck and Hemingway influences- and the spirits of Kurt Vonnegut and Douglas Adams are there also. One may sense the exuberance and fun of Voltaire’s Candide as well/5(4).
  2. Lyrics to 'Shoeshine Boy' by Gerry Rafferty. Shoeshine boy, he's makin' his money workin' dowtown on Main Street Shoeshine boy, I know it ain't funny cleanin' everything on two feet Get down, get down upon your knees and brush your blues away It won't be long ‘til Saturday night and you'll be dancin' with your lady ‘til the break of day.
  3. A knee-jerk reaction almost kept Eddie Kendricks' endearing "Shoeshine Boy" from the public. A record executive, who obviously had "issues," thought that the song was "demeaning" to black people. Motown founder Berry Gordy intervened, reminding the executive that all shoeshine boys aren't black. Written by Linda Allen and Harry Booker, who.
  4. Shoeshine Boy made its debut on Billboard's Hot Soul Singles chart of 8 February , and became the final solo R&B No. 1 for Eddie Kendricks.

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