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  1. Best elk video ever! Turn up those speakers! Posted by Antler Addicts on Thursday, August 6, We are Life Members and proud supporters of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Some of the enclosed videos are a product of RMEF. We display them here as a value add to our viewers and to show our support of RMEF.
  2. Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux () Nicholas Black Elk (as told to John G. Neihardt) In the August of , John Neihardt was traveling around Nebraska to gather information for his epic narrative poem on the history of the American West.
  3. Dry black droppings are old. How old? Too old to matter. Cow elk droppings are tapered on both ends whereas bull elk poop has a dimple or concave look to one end. Finally elk under stress scatter their poop as opposed to the poop of elk under less stress may clump together. Bulls produce big clumps.
  4. Record-Book Bulls The only thing better than the rack on a trophy bull is the story behind how it was taken. To celebrate the biggest bulls and best stories from our elk hunting history, OL put together a countdown of the highest-scoring bulls ever killed according to Boone and Crockett records. On slides you'll find the top 20 typical bulls of all time.
  5. Archery drop camp hunters usually see elk daily and usually get shots. Most drop camp groups will usually see a few B&C class bulls. Success depends mostly on getting out early EVERY morning, hunting hard, keeping a PMA, and the weather. To book a drop camp usually requires four hunters.
  6. TYM Black Elk Medicine Band/Cam Butler Record club 7" SOLD OUT Black Elk Medicine Band. Drop the Sonar Dome (and have a look around) pt2. This band is called Black Elk's Medicine Band because I want to help bring consciousness to the .
  7. The Elks Newer Songs, released 29 December 1. 22 2. Three Olives 3. Right to Bear 4. No Reasons Replaced Tascam. Long live Garageband. New Songs.
  8. You might expect a top elk caller to focus all his hunting advice on proper call selection, volume, tone, timing, or teamwork. But an 8-time world champion says the most critical step in calling elk into bow range is not the quality of the calling, but in how you set-up to intercept an approaching bull. Corey Jacobsen of Boise, Idaho, won the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation/Leupold World Elk.

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